The Fault In My Stars
typical girl shit.

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Favorite moments of Ellen hosting the 86th Annual Academy Awards


Jennifer Lawrence was hungry on the Red Carpet, so Jeannie gave her some Pop Rocks to hold her over until pizza time.

Greatest Pizza Party Ever!!

idk i just like this mug

In honor of the Bachelor TONIGHT, my man crush monday is none other than Juan Pablo Galavis

part two: more travels, more food

part one of what i’ve been up to over my tumblr break. I’m a bit of a foodie to say the least

guess who’s back…

LOL but I’m back. After taking a very long break, I decided it was time to come back to this madness called tumblr. I AM BACK!

no offense, but I can’t really see this guy as a father. this will be really interesting to see Blake mature a lot faster (not to say that he’s not already mature, but is he really mature enough to father a child at 24?)
Who would have thought that this moment would have not only changed their lives, but mine as well.
is that too much to ask for?